Marc Soto




December 10

About Me

Marc is a business professional who completed his bachelor's degree in Communications at Rutgers University with a dual minor in Mandarin Chinese and Organizational Leadership. Marc was born and raised in New York City and Hong Kong (China), spending his formative years in Hong Kong where he began his professional career.

He is deeply interested in the financial industry and has accumulated 4 years of experience on both the buy and sell-side of Asian & US Markets. The combination of his studies, coupled with his experience in Financial Services and Crypto/Blockchain industries makes him an ideal candidate to teach and pave the way for crypto-adoption. Marc's experiences in financial compliance consulting, business development for both- ICO projects and Crypto Exchanges, and as a crypto investor himself, provides him with the insight and professional whereabouts to confidently consult on how best to navigate the crypto-markets with caution and confidence. Get ahead of the curb for the next financial revolution, and receive end-to-end support from Marc today.